Selected Publications

"Enhancing Virtual Reality Systems with Smart Wearable Devices"
"Do Human Cognitive Differences in Information Processing Affect Preference and Performance of CAPTCHA?"

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"Performance Vs. Freshness in Web Database Applications"

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"Optimized Query Routing Trees for Wireless Sensor Networks"

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Latest Publication

"Workshop on Human Aspects in Adaptive and Personalized Interactive Environments (HAAPIE 2018)"

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Collaborating Labs

LINC Lab - Laboratory for Internet Computing

Cloud computing, Grid computing

The Laboratory for Internet Computing (LINC) - formerly High Performance Computing Lab - focuses its research activities on three important areas of Internet Computing, namely Cloud and Grid computing, Web data management and Vehicular computing. In the first area, LINC concentrates on the development of Cloud-based Systems, Interoperability amongst different Clouds, Content Delivery Networks, Benchmarks and Testbeds, Data Grid Applications in Medicine, Autonomic Systems and Software Tools. In the second area, the Laboratory concentrates on Decentralized Online Social Networks, Web Communities, Data Mashups & Web 2.0, Web Searching and semantic Web. In the third area, LINC focuses on Vehicular Service Protocols, Information Dissemination and Network Modeling.

DMSL Lab - Data Management Systems Laboratory

Data management

The Data Management Systems Laboratory (DMSL) belongs to the Computer Science Department and focuses on Data Engineering Systems and Knowledge Discovery Solutions for emerging networks and systems (smartphone, sensor, crowd, peer-to-peer, etc.)" DMSL is the newest laboratory of the Department, established in 2010. DMSL has recently implemented a 80K Euros infrastructure development grant to setup a state-of-the-art hardware testbed of 50+ smartphone devices to enable research in that areas. DMSL is hosted in a 10-seat laboratory, located in the brand-new university campus in Aglantzia, Nicosia.

NetRL - Networks Research Laboratory

Computer Networks

NetRL is part of the Computer Science Department of the University of Cyprus (UCY). It was established in the year 2002 in an effort to promote and coordinate research activities in all areas of Networks Research, including wireline and wireless, mobile and ad-hoc, MANETS and VANETS, and sensor networks.