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"Enhancing Virtual Reality Systems with Smart Wearable Devices"
"Do Human Cognitive Differences in Information Processing Affect Preference and Performance of CAPTCHA?"

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"Performance Vs. Freshness in Web Database Applications"

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"Optimized Query Routing Trees for Wireless Sensor Networks"

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"Workshop on Human Aspects in Adaptive and Personalized Interactive Environments (HAAPIE 2018)"

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Books (total : 2)


E. Pitoura and G. Samaras (1998) "Data Management for Mobile Computing", Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN 0-7923-8053-3, 1998


Samaras G., K. Britton & A. Citron (1994) "Systems Network Architecture, Sync Point Services Architecture", IBM Book, SC31-8134-00, September 1994. Presents IBM's distributed transaction processing architecture. Published and distributed by IBM. This architecture is being implemented by IBM's VM, DB2, CICS, AS400, Transarc's Encina, Tandem and Bull